The real deal SK

Monday, half of us in the Korea group met with our company, SK energy. The meeting, which was at one of their corporate buildings in Seoul, was very informative. We were quite awed by how thorough the presenters were and how just about everything we had thought of, they covered.

Of the two main presenters, the first gave us an overview of the entire company, from a group level (SK Group is a chaebol – a Korean business conglomerate), and the second discussed the specific issue we are working on.

Following some good Q and A, we headed across the street for a traditional Korean lunch.

Later in the afternoon, all of us me with the Green Growth Korea commission where we learned about some of the legislation in place to help incentivize green growth, as well as some of the areas the commission is specifically working with.

In the evening, we enjoyed a popular Korean show called Nanta, which was kind of a mix between “Stomp” and “Blue Man Group” in which four Korean chefs go through an evening preparing a meal, but through a unique interactive performance. One of our group members was brought up on stage to participate and was married to another audience member. Plenty of good fodder for the rest of the trip.


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