Veggies & fish juice

Mexico City, Mexico

The Mexico team is mostly flying into Ciudad de Mexico this afternoon, after which, starting Monday morning, our non-stop schedule begins. I’ve been staying the last couple nights with a journalist friend based in Mexico City, and we spent yesterday walking around various parts of the city, including the world’s largest wholesale market, which feeds Mexico City’s 20 million people.

Shark for dinner anyone?

I’m not sure what criteria were used to determine that it’s the world’s largest – apparently a Tokyo market lays claim to the same title – but this market was nevertheless massive beyond my expectations. On the map it takes up a huge piece of the city’s southeast corner, and it took us no less than 45 minutes to walk the length of one of its 30 long tunnels – past enormous piles of watermelon, avocado, mango, oranges, cactus leaf, bananas, fish, sharks, oysters, shrimp & tons else.

It was not in the least suited to a couple of gringos wandering around, and we were pretty busy dodging the guys pushing handcarts loaded up with 30+ crates of veggies, when were weren’t dodging huge puddles of pink fish juice on the loading dock, trying to get past the workers before we bothered anyone enough to get ourselves kicked out. As for my sandals, they survived by have acquired a delectable new fishy smell that I’m guessing will last awhile.


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