Hello from Korea

Seoul, Korea

Saturday night, after a 14-hour flight from Dulles, I arrived at the Seoul/Incheon airport in South Korea. Several of us took a shuttle together from the airport, which took more than an hour. Seoul is a giant city, both in terms of physical layout and population.

Our hotel, the Frasier Place, is quite nice. Along with some plush rooms and state-of-the-art technology (the doorbell is connected to a video screen where we can see who is outside and we have flat screen TVs) there’s a pretty nice deck that will certainly be a great place to enjoy some sodas or other beverages.

There hasn’t been a total culture shock, but some of us are experiencing a bit of trouble communicating, as not everyone here speaks English. Nevertheless, everyone is quite friendly and welcoming to foreigners.

Getting in a day before we have to start working is clearly a good idea, as we have time to relax after finals and get used to the 13-hour time change.

After breakfast this morning, I strolled around town with a small group, checking out some of the shopping areas as well as some cultural sites. Then, I hit up the supermarket where I got to sample  – you guessed it – kimchee. Fortunately, our rooms have kitchens and refrigerators, so I bought a few staples like squid and mushrooms and plan on busting out a little iron chef Korea.

Half of us will meet with SK Energy tomorrow, while the Hyosung Team will meet with the company on Tuesday. Until then, Kimchee! (Which is what they say when you take a picture)


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